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Eco-machines, eco-films: the winning combination

Innovative solutions and the most advanced packaging systems

Imbal Stock

The best solutions
for industrial packaging

Since 1994 we have been manufacturers of horizontal packaging machines (HFFS) and vertical systems (VFFS). Machines and systems customized for each project are the result of cutting-edge technological research, applied design and our know-how.

With a proactive and dynamic attitude, we work daily to always give the best in terms of quality, technology and assistance. The after-sales service is our flagship, a source of pride that distinguishes us from the competition, both for the immediacy of intervention and for the professionalism with which we operate on each packing and packaging plant.


Technological innovation and machinery efficiency are the result of the collaboration of the best engineers specialized in the packaging sector


Each Imbal Stock proposal is a functional and effective high quality product, created to ensure maximum reliability over time


Innovative and effective solutions, with constant attention to safeguarding the environment and consumer health.

Automation and robotics


We love to welcome new challenges to design and build automatic lines suitable for high and medium production standards. The inclusion of one of our machines in an existing automatic line, or the study of a new production unit, is part of our company logic, according to the concept of "total service".

maximum ease of use

production efficiency

maximum availability spare parts

Green packaging

Sustainability Packaging

Imbal Stock designs and builds systems for packaging with biodegradable and compostable material, innovative packaging solutions with constant attention to environmental protection and consumer health.

care for the environment and consumer health


PP, PE and POF bioplastic films

100% recycled and recyclable papers

Imbal Stock after-sales service


Imbal Stock is at the side of customers for any need, from the choice of the most suitable equipment for the job, to the use of the latest technologies to monitor the health of the machines, offering an wide range of packaging solutions and minimizing downtime.

  • Remote assistance service

    Imbal Stock gives access to several state-of-the-art remote tools, such as modem 4.0, which guarantees secure support and is able to optimize machine performance, maximizing its uptime.

  • Remote configuration support

    Modem 4.0 significantly reduces machine setup time, as it allows Imbal Stock experts to connect to the machine's display remotely to assist the user during installation.

  • Training

    The training focuses on the key productivity features of your machine and explains how to best use them to optimize your operations.

  • Remote monitoring

    The operating conditions of the machine are monitored remotely via the Imbal Stock support tools and in the event of a problem you will be immediately directed to proactive support.


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