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Sleeve Wrapper


For efficient and reliable packaging with recyclable films, adaptable to various formats and packages, choose Imbalstock.

Sleeve wrapping requires efficiency and reliability. With the automatic sleeve wrappers you will work safely and quickly. The IMBAL XP and US category of sleeve wrappers adapt to various specifications of formats and packaging with cardboard trays or from bulk products. Made in Italy, they are the best solution for wrapping various types of products with recyclable films, including bottles, cans, boxes, trays, bottles, jars, hand gel jars. Perfect for the most varied market sectors: beverages, canning, chemicals, wines, spirits, cosmetics, detergents, wood, textiles, graphics, etc.



Shrink Wrap Machine IMBAL 500 XP at 90 degrees

The 90 degree IMBAL 500 XP models set new standards for professional shrink bundles.

Shrink Wrap Machine IMBAL 500 US - Belt Machine

The productive and interconnected packaging machine. IMBAL 500 US packaging machine is the most brilliant and enterprising machine to be inserted in production lines.

Shrink Wrap Machine IMBAL 700 XP - Machine at 90 degrees

Sleeve Wrapper IMBAL 700 XP perfect integration of production lines loading.

Shrink Wrap Machine IMBAL 700 US - Belt machine

IMBAL 700 US packaging machine with versatility and simplicity for any type of production..

Shrink Wrap Machine IMBAL 900 XP - 90 degree machine

IMBAL 900 XP 90 degree automatic packaging machine designed for heavy and large products. Production from 10 to 25 pieces per minute.

Shrink Wrap Machine IMBAL 900 US - Belt machine

Shrink bundles built to resist production of large products, up to 860 mm wide, ppm 10 to 25 pieces per minute