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Automation and robotics according to Imbal Stock.
A variety of packaging systems ranging from the food sector to cosmetics and pharma until the technical sector. Tales of experience and customized projects where every single detail has the right weight and contributes to making unique the whole manufacturing process and flexible packaging.
All automatic lines and its equipment are designed and built to express maximum simplicity of use, production efficiency with spare parts of maximum availability, all the made in Italy tradition and 4.0 innovation that the company puts at the service of tailored and exclusive proposals.

Automatic lines for packaging difficult-to-handle products
Automatic lines for packaging single or multi packs
Automatic lines for packaging preserves and bottles
Automatic lines for food packaging


We integrate on our packaging machines input/output automatic feeding systems designed following our customer’s specific needs.

Cooperating with a wide network of partners for this sector, we are able to integrate:
- Input Lines for packaging: flexible solutions for depalletizing, loading and reloading line.

- Product processing: intelligent systems to reduce cycle times and increase productivity in any industry sector.

- Pick and place products: perfect and smart pick and place solutions that offer continuous speed, accuracy and agility.

We provide automated solutions for packaging, palletizing, handling and loading systems, integration of customized conveyor belts, tailor-made in various details according to the product’s features that has to be transported.

The structures of the machines are made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel for food and humid environments, and able to handle bulk products or packages.

Possibility to have motorized rollers, curves and various systems for the automatic rejection of defective products.

Imbal Stock integrates digital metal detectors in line for the control and inspection of packed and loose products.

Specific solutions for different applications and packaging, made in stainless steel with protection class from IP65 to IP69k.

A wide range of deviation systems allows a perfect coupling with all types of packaging and applications on bulk products.

We also offer combined technologies for X-ray inspection, weighers and checkweighers.

Made-in-Italy technology for packaging in films suitable to pack both food and non-food products.

Automatic machines to be inserted in line that work with wrapping film to wrap single products or groups of products.

Labelling and organizing in a quick and easy way.

Save space thanks to our professional labelling printers specifically designed for the industrial use.

Possibility to print directly on different types of film to code products, improving in this way the efficiency within the packaging line.

The primary objective has always been to provide the best quality for every product, combining it with the maximum attention towards the requests of our customers.

Imbal Stock offers a complete range of automatic cartoning machines and systems.
Cartoning machines and box formers with semi-automatic and automatic solutions to meet every need in terms of speed and automation. Machinery 100% made in Italy even at moderate prices.

Complete systems for the secondary packaging, that can be integrates in the packaging lines in order to wrap, tape and close different types of boxes.

Modern Made-in-Italy technologies for box strapping, packaging and sealing.

We are able to insert end-of-line robots designed and built to guarantee 100% operating cycles and faster cycling times.

From the smallest robots up to palletizing models best equipped to quicky stack europallets.

Today IMBAL STOCK offers a wide range of products for the most varied sectors as well as tailor-made automation solutions.

Cooperating with a wide network of partners, we are focused on planning and designing end-of-line systems.


Automatic Lines for Packaging Bottles
Wrapping Paper Napkins | Packaging and Form Boxes
Automatic Packaging Line for Paper Cups
Surgical Masks | Machines and Production
Medical Kit | Machine for Mask , Gel Sanitizing and Gloves
Surgical Masks Packaging | Automatic Flow Wrapper Machines




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