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Dry Fruit


How to pack dry fruit in boxes, bags and trays with automatic and manual methods by using Imbal Stock packaging machines.

Packaging systems with plastic film to wrap boxes and trays of nuts and dry apple in horizontal pillow bag, shrink wrapping or vertical pillow bags. Equipment for primary and secondary packaging, Pack resonsably with wrapping machines, suitable to European certification:
1. Automatic Side sealers for boxes and cans shrink wrapping
2. Flow wrappers suitable for pistacchi and dry fruit packed with hermetic packaging and hygienically safe.
3. Vertical packaging machines for sweet dry fruit in pillow or squared bottom bags.

Almonds peanuts hazelnuts packaging

How to pack almonds and hazelnuts in flow pack pillow bags and boxes of peanuts in shrink wrapping solutions with automatic or manual packaging machinery built by Imbal Stock

Pistacchio dry fig and nuts packaging

How to pack pistachi and nuts in pillow bags with flowpack solutions or trays of dry figs with shrink wrapping solutions; the packging machines are built in Italy by Imbal Stock



Our test center is at your service to allow you to try the right interaction between packaging machine and films, through specific tests on new materials, paper, PE, PP Cellophane films, PET films ready for recycling, bioplastics obtained from renewable fonts and compostable plastics (PLA polylactic acid).

If you are thinking of introducing a new biodegradable film, optimized for performance or ultra-thin, be sure to take advantage of our testing capabilities. We will find the best possible performance by avoiding actual downtime and costly production errors.