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Packaging Plastic Canisters, Spray Cans and Aerosol


Shrink Wrapper | Wrap Plastic Canisters, Spray Cans and Aerosol

Imbal Stock® has added 2 new models to its range of fully automatic shrink wrappers, IS 350 SPECIAL V, IS 600 SPECIAL V
The new shrink machines with vertical welding offer excellent performances and less footprint for plastic canisters, packaging cans, spray cans and vial aerosol.The conceived welding system works with polythene paper films, (PP) polypropylene, (PE) polythene. It offers the possibility of selecting different knives depending on the film used, being able to continue working without any interruption. Given the possibility of not overturning the bottles and cans, the packaging spaces are drastically reduced: you don't need anymore automatic tilting system. 

The new EXPERIENCE series have been designed to improve productivity with less consumption of plastic films.
Machines included also new optimized Mitsubishi software updates and can be customized to make the machines even more efficient and productive in order to satisfy the different needs of customers. 
Packaging machines are supplied with special ®Airflow shrinking tunnels for products of various sizes and shapes.


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