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Robot for Cutting and Packaging Gauzes and Bandages


Line and Robot for Cutting and Packaging Gauzes, Bandages and other Medical Products

Automation solutions for cutting and packaging bandages and gauzes.High productivity - 6 tons per day, 2000 kg per work shift
Industry 4.0 - production order management from a technical office High quality - fine control of the size and weight of the gauzes
No labor - no workers, no manual operation on the plant .

System remote control - possibility of intervention without physical presence on the system
Various sensors throughout the system - positioning accuracy of the gauze
Touch screen - Manual operations selectable by the maintenance technician of the system

Imbal Stock, launches innovative side sealer and flow wrapper in the production of horizontal machines for medical packaging,
film packaging with post-print treatment, industrial robotized solutions with an increasingly advanced level of automation.

Bgs style:

SINGLE PRODUCTS: Product loading robots with customizable vision and packaging systems
MULTIPACK: multiple packs for gauzes and bandages positioning in automatic box.

automation and packaging are efficient when it simplifies and optimizes, integrating into production processes in an open, agile and intelligent way.

Imbal Stock Constructs - Revolutionary Pacakging Processes for Bandages and Gauzes

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