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Vertical packaging machinery Vertical - Stick Pack

Imbal Twin-P is a vertical system for stick packs, combining all the features of a solid construction, robust and reliable machine. The possibility of fitting different types of specific dosing units for powders makes it an extremely versatile machine, suitable for all purposes.After different laboratory tests for product stability and exploring new markets, Imbal Twin-P born to work with sensitive products that can be packed only in small batches, or for small/medium/large production runs according to needs.

  • Extra

    Reading mark Photocell for printed films.
    Film-cutting system with circular blade.
    Longitudinal sealing with parallel contrasts on the forming tube.
    Transversal welders adjustable in width according to the forming tube.
    Welders temperatures individually adjustable via touch screen.
    Jaws driven by a brushless engine to ensure absolute precision on the envelope measurement at high production speeds.
    Protections in lexan, for visual control of the working phase with micro magnetic protection.
    Alarms diagnosis via touch screen and acoustic and visual signal.
    Compressed air inlet control system, with corresponding alarm.
    The machine allows to work simultaneously two different products, thanks to the use of two independent feeders.
    Machine designed for batch printing, ingredients, expiration date and so on. with thermal transfer printer easy to use and regulate.

  • Optional

    Customized dosing units
    Thermal transfer coding devices
    Laser and ink jet printers
    Shaped sealers
    Easy-open sealings

  • Advantages

    Compact design, designed to fit into tight spaces.
    Ability to store up to 100 recipes
    Reduced overall dimensions
    Easy to use
    Systems for working various packaging materials
    Easy loading of the film reel
    Format change easy and intuitive
    One operator processing
    Modular design and accessibility, simplify maintenance and cleaning of the entire line.

Tech sheet

Power 3500 W

Voltage Alimentazione: 220-240 V 1PH – N – PE 50/60 HZ

Length 1.160 MM

Height 1304 +/- 100 mm

Width 959 MM

Weight 660 Kg

PPM 1 - 120

Product dimensions Larghezza Busta: da 35 a 42 mm | Altezza busta max: 150 mm


Download the pdf relating to the machinery to have the essential data always there at hand.






Our test center is at your service to allow you to try the right interaction between packaging machine and films, through specific tests on new materials, paper, PE, PP Cellophane films, PET films ready for recycling, bioplastics obtained from renewable fonts and compostable plastics (PLA polylactic acid).

If you are thinking of introducing a new biodegradable film, optimized for performance or ultra-thin, be sure to take advantage of our testing capabilities. We will find the best possible performance by avoiding actual downtime and costly production errors.