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Service Robot Industrial Packaging & Vision Systems


Robots and Vision Systems at the Service of Industrial Packaging

Imbal Stock strengthens itself in the Robot and Automation sector with the collaboration of Comau.
Comau, world leader in the production of Robots and Automation enters the sector for the packaging processes of numerous products, including food and technical items,
an important player in the design, production and marketing of automatic robots for viewing and loading products.

Already in Imbal Stock Company the new collaborative robot RACER will be previewed.
A world-class robot that does not give up style. With unique features such as the fluidity and rhythm of movements,
the Robot Racers offer optimal efficiency and technological excellence, all enclosed in a new and elegant design.

Gripping solutions for various products:

Number of axes 6, Horizontal outreach from (mm) 630 to maximum 1436 (mm)
Maximum load capacity on the wrist: from 3 (kg) to 7 (kg). Result is an efficient and safe solution.

The transaction is strategic for Imbal Stock, which continues the path of development and growth of market-leading brands
further strengthening its industrial presence in Italy on the flexible packaging automation market. Offering complete lines with strong growth potentials.



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